Thursday, 27 May 2010

Overhang with Nestabilities

Click on the photographs to enlarge them.

1. Line up the Nestabilities die over the top of you image so you can see where the overhang is. In this instance it is the foot of the little girl Lacie with Ice-cream.

2.Add dots at both sides of the overhang of the image as close as possible to the nestabilities Die.

3. using scissors cut up to the dots on either side of the image and then snip past the line a little more as you can see in the image, this allows for the excess edge on the nestabilities die.

4. Once you have cut up to the mark you made slide the Nestabilities Die ove the imagemaking sure that the part you have cut is to the front of the die, if the die isn't in the correct place you may need to snip the image a little further as I have done.

5. turn over the image and die so that the blade of the die is facing upwards toward you and run it through your die cutter, you can see from the image that part of the card won't be cut by the die.

6. Once the die shape is cut you can tidy up the overhang with a pair of scissors. All that is left to do is mount it on the card.